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Veronika působí v Adveniu již tři roky, nyní na pozici Account Manager Junior. Její snahou je naslouchat požadavkům klientů a přinášet řešení, která jsou zárukou úspěchu a dlouhodobé spokojenosti.


the Bratislava office moved to a new address: Banskobystrická 4, Bratislava.


Finance Director


Account Manager


Account Director

About us

In 1993 Advenio was established as PPD Marketing Services by our parent company PPD Germany. At that time we were the first field marketing agency in both the Czech and Slovak Republics. Throughout the years we have undergone slight name changes to reflect various market trends.

In 2012 we have purchased the fastest growing field marketing agency in Slovakia, In Store SK. With this purchase we have regained very strong presence in the Slovak market and we have once again become a true Czecho-Slovak powerhouse under one brand, ADVENIO.

The name ADVENIO conveys precisely our purpose to our clients. The translated meaning of the word ADVENIO from Latin language is to arrive, to reach. As an agency, we always strive to reach our clients' goals.

Advenio services over 40 clients in both countries, executes hundreds of projects every year and organizes over 1000 people in the field annually. While we may not be the largest agency out there in terms of turnover, we are probably the most dependable. Not only do we pay all field workers within 30 days of work performed, regardless of client payment policies, we also have a number of clients for which we provide services since 1995. We are unique.

With Advenio, you reach your goals!

Why Advenio

We have experience.

We have ideas.

We have the team.

And we are here only for YOU!