We will create and conduct a complete promotion. Quality creative proposals in unison with expert field execution to maximize the sales of your products. We propose and create original POSM, costumes, and then select the optimal personnel for your event. From each action clients receive complete reporting in real time.


the Bratislava office moved to a new address: Banskobystrická 4, Bratislava.
  • We have great expertise in Bonus programs, which are targeted either at Sales teams, to improve their performance or retailers, to increase their participation. There are many forms of these programs, point rewards, sms monitoring, discount programs, etc.

  • Product sampling to a specified target group in the optimal locations for the specified target group.

  • Exclusive product presentation with a travelling team of trained promoters and the demo vehicle, e.g. the Coca Cola Christmas truck or a double-decker bus.

  • Consumer promotion aimed at increasing sales via motivation programs or gifts. Benefits of these promotions is increasing the consumer base as well as possibly creating a database for future marketing.

  • In store sampling and demo actions are tailor made for each brand, including costume design, promotion stand design and promotion mechanism. Clients also have to option of using our Promo Manager application, where they can see in real life the progress of the promo across the whole country and possibly tweak it on the go in order to maximize the sales.

  • Active selling at retail is another form of promotion, however the promoter has no stand and rather stands next to the products and sells to the consumer. This selling also gathers valuable data from the consumers to clients' marketing department.

  • Training of our teams is continuous and with our state of the art eTraining application we can train in real time, online in the shop or in the comfort of their home.

  • Our production solutions utilize professional graphics', tailors, technical teams to create any type of production desired by the client.

  • Sale or sampling of products is conducted door to door in residential areas. The whole action is meticulously planned and managed with our Sales Force Manager application, which not only manages our sampling stocks, but also the people in the field.