the Bratislava office moved to a new address: Banskobystrická 4, Bratislava.

August 2016 | Horalky / Praha-Prčice 2016

Praha-Prčice is the longest-lasting event of this kind in the Czech Republic. This year welcomed more than 28 000 participants. The main partner was Horalky biscuits - the ideal biscuits for trips and outdoor acitivities. At the finish line walkers could visit stand of IDC holding, the exclusive distributor of Horalky.


November 2015 | FRISKIES promotion

FRISKIES offering wide range of tasty, complete and balanced nutrition to your pets of all ages and lifestyles. If you want to give your cat energy and vitality, you can count with brand FRISKIES. To support the campaign on chains our trained team of hostesses was offering beautiful gifts for purchase. Funny mechanics has been received very…


October 2015 | Lina - biscuit for real men

During months of October and November you could see our hostesses offering Lina biscuits for tasting. TV commercial reminds you that, due to its big size, LINA IS BISCUIT FOR REAL MEN. At the tasting everyone found out how delicious Lina is and how big pieces of nuts contains. And moreover, customers were given a present bag for purchase of…


October 2015 | Sněhulky - autumn tasting

Customers of stores throughout all country could taste Sněhulky and win attractive prizes in competition - furry bear, voucher of Coqui shoes and financial rewards of 10 000 CZK. The goal was to address young families with children and help them to discover Sněhulky - delicious caramels with snowy effect.


September 2015 | Nestlé FITNESS

You ask how to start your day? With a delicious breakfast cereals Nestle FITNESS it's very easy. Now they have the best recipe. Nestlé FITNESS cereals contains up to 30% less sugar, whole wheat flour, important vitamins and minerals. Moreover, you can find them in four flavours - natural, chocolate, fruit and yoghurt, so you can change the…


June 6, 2015 | Sněhulky pomáhají / Avon Pochod 2015

Jubilee 15th year of Avon Parade took place on 6th of June in the Rohansky Island. Brand Sněhulky sweets were present with challenge: ""Give your energy for good thing"". Participants rode the bike and every kilometer brought finance to account Avon against breast cancer. There was a real mound of snow for refreshing and visitors could take…


May 2015 | FELIX outdoor

FELIX is back. This time a beautiful black cat visited frequented locations throughout Prague and Brno, and our hostesses could not be missing. As part of the campaign to the new FELIX Sensations Sauce Surprise, we organized outdoor event and handed out samples of the feed for those who have the same urchin at home and who knows how to get his…


May 2015 | With baby carriage through Prague / Marťánci in the Žluté lázně resort

The family happening WITH BABY-CARRIAGE THROUGH PRAGUE took place on 20th of May in the Žluté lázně resort. The aim of the annual happening is to put attention to problems which mothers with baby-carriages are confronted in the Czech capital. Despite of rainy weather, the event was attended by thousands of mothers. A partner of this…


March 2015 | Gourmet promotion

Tempting offer of high quality feed with irresistible ingredients that spoil the most demanding cats. Your cat deserves only the best and also appreciates feeding time, as well as you to enjoy a good meal. Each Gourmet cat food is characterized by harmony, quality ingredients and a unique recipe. Pleasure, which your cat can not resist.


May 2015 | Horalky / Praha-Prčice March

Praha-Prčice March is the longest-lasting event of this kind in the Czech Republic. Jubilee 50th year welcomed more than 20 000 participants. The main partner was Horalky biscuits - the ideal biscuits for trips and outdoor acitivities. At the finish line walkers could visit stand of IDC holding, the exclusive distributor of Horalky. Our…


March 2015 | Gourmet event

Your cat is a real connoisseur and it can be very difficult to entice her. That is why GOURMET has the best recipes that tickle cat's senses and will do each day the best one. We have prepared a unique offer which was linked to an advertising campaign on TV for pets who enjoy the best quality. Customers could obtain information about products and…


February 2015 | FRISKIES promotion

FRISKIES offering wide range of tasty, complete and balanced nutrition to your pets of all ages and lifestyles. If you want to give your cat energy and vitality, you can count with brand FRISKIES. To support the campaign on chains our trained team of hostesses was offering beautiful gifts for purchase. Funny mechanics has been received very…


September 2014 - January 2015 | BRAUN Counsellors

During the second half of 2014 and at the beginning of 2015 you could meet our Braun Counsellors at the top electro stores in the Czech Republic. Our Counsellors provided professional advices in the machines intended for male and female shaving and hair care. Our satisfied customers can confirm the men´s shavers, women´s epilators, hairdryers and…


December 2014 | GS - Christmas at Pharmacies

After a great success from last year, a massive campaign for Green Swan Pharmaceuticals corp. was repeated at more than 120 pharmacies across the Czech Republic even this year. Our promoters were offering a wide range of GS food supplements. They introduced the revolutionary news in generation of joint preparations - GS Condro Vánoční. Customers…


November 2014 | Purina One - Nutrition Advice

We belong to cat lovers and we know that taking care of a loved pet brings not only a joy, but also some responsibility in addition. We believe that every cat owner deserve the best possible support in giving the care that their cats require and need. Research has shown that the health of your cat improves through proper nutrition week by week,…


2014 | PRO PLAN cat show

Already at the first sight on a healthy cat the benefits of feeding fodder with the highest quality are clearly visible . PRO PLAN offers super-premium cat food with all benefits. We, as well as you, realize that cats have high demands on nutrition and the proper feeding is an important part of everyday care of them. During the whole year our…


October 2014 | Mixa Roadshow Autumn 20

Autumn is coming and our skin is confronted with new strains and we should take care of it more intensively. That´s why another Mixa roadshows have been held in Prague shopping malls, where all ladies have got an opportunity to test their skin and obtain a recommendation for products from Mixa portfolio, that fit their skin needs properly. The…


September 2014 | Winemaker of the year 2014

At the end of the summer in Prague Žofín the best winemakers of 2014 was declared and Král Sýrů was also there. Throughout the campaign, our hostesses realized tasting of Král Sýrů specialities and they prepared degustation for the visitors, who had an opportunity to taste the competing wines. There was also a photo shooting in front of Happy Box,…


July - September 2014 | Sněhulky - COOL REFRESHMENT IN SUMMER

Real snow, sport competitions for attractive prices, funny photos with winter equipment - this is the Sněhulky events of this summer. Who wanted to experience summer in winter, he could visit our Sněhulky igloo on sunny beaches (Máchovo lake, Vranov dam) or summer festivals (LipnoFest, LadronkaFest, Kouřimská skála). Sněhulky have been perceived…


September 2014 | Home Care promotion

Who do not want to win a prize at least once in life, which saves us time and energy? Our exclusive promotion was held in selected TESCO stores. Male promoters communicated competition to customers and informed them, that they could win cleaning of their household for one year for free, or other helpers from the Procter & Gamble home care products…


June 2014 | Felix promotion

Everyone knows Felix. Even if you don´t know Felix, you know another cat simillar to Felix for sure. When you are woken up by a small hungry urchin jumping at your bed - it is Felix. When you are tripped up while opening the doors of your house - it is Felix. Would you blame him? Felix, same as other clever cats, knows very well how to recognize…


June 2014 | Felix event

So irresistible and such a wide choice of variants! Every cute cat dreams about getting its unusual cat food, about Felix. And thus why not to try also an unusual place for the Felix event? Well, We have realized Felix event at high traffic shopping malls and public transport stations. Everyone could try out our very playful and unique gift…


June 2014 | Pampers promotion

All parents desire to give the best to their children. Whether you are a fresh mum or dad, or you are just preparing for the parenthood, you think certainly, how to provide the best care for your baby. And there is nothing better than dry botty for them. Our hostesses assisted customers with the right choice of nappies and informed them about the…


May - June 2014 | Mattoni Schorle tasting

The customers of five different food chains had an unique opportunity to taste refreshing ice-chilled drink Mattoni Schorle from our hostesses during hot May and June days. You could taste both new tastes - Mattoni Schorle apple and Mattoni Schorle apple&grape. Mattoni Schorle is irresistable combination of the nature apple juice and sparkling…


May 2014 | Cat Shows 2014

Gourmet ... as unique as your cat. Like a humans, cats likes food variety. Your cat deserves the most delicious and varied diet every day. Our hostesses attended the expo FOR PETS with Gourmet petfood, where they introduced the delicate texture and variety of recipe of the Gourmet products. Visit our promostand. You can win any of the products…


May 2014 | Retia- Italian Softeners

Advenio provides merchandising services for Retia Company at Tesco stores all over the Czech Republic. FELCE AZZURRA softeners are becoming more and more popular among customers. Six various fragrances contain typical nature components from Italian fruit and flowers. The softeners are suitable for people of all ages and they stroke you with their…


May 2014 | Staropramen Cool Třešeň

Early May another new product from the beermix range was launched - Staropramen Cool Třešeň. The mix of beer and fruit juice gives you pleasure with a spicy sweetish taste of cherries. The launch was enhanced with the promotion "Buy 24 cans of Staropramen Cool Třešeň and win a camping fridge".


April 2014 | International Trade Fair for Gastronomy WINE&Delicacies 2014

WINE & Delicacies Festival 2014 was held in the presence of many visitors and professionals in gastronomy - no lovers of wine and delicacies could be missing here. During the three-day festival our hostesses presented products of Král Sýrů and offered them for tasting. Visitors could taste variety of combination Král Sýrů with the best delicacies…


May 2014 | Prague Food Festival

Sedlčanský - traditional and modern cheeses from the Sedlčany cheesemonger: Modřenín, Pepin, Smetanový Hermelín, Vltavín, Romadůžek, Selský Hermelín and tailor-made original delicatessen. It was all available to taste at traditional Prague Food Festival - feast for all gourmets. Specialties as a cheesy ice cream, sushi from Sedlčany and delicate…


March 2014 | Gourmet event

Gourmet offers unique products in the segment of wet cat food. This is super-premium cat feed, which is 100% complete and balanced, providing all the nutrition, that your cat needs in one meal. Products are made of high quality ingredients. Unique recipes satisfy even the most discerning cats and their owners, who want to give them the best. Our…


March 2014 | Gourmet promotion

Gourmet offers a fascinating world of delicious wet cat food. During the April 2014 our hostesses were at the chosen hypermarkets and comunicated main Gourmet products benefits to the customers. Cat feed was demonstrated at the plates. Everyone could see unique structure of the products. Customers were motivated to purchase by practical gifts for…


April 2014 | NERF MISSION - Strike your sale

Tesco customers had an unique chance to strike their discount right in the store during the weekend 5. - 6. 4. 2014. Our hostesses at the toy department gave an opportunity to children and adults to shoot on the target - Nerf is a great fun for everybody.


February 2014 | Friskies Crunchy&Soft promotion

Our pet-food expertised hostess team introduced outstanding 100% balanced food for cats at selected hypermarkets - Friskies Crunchy & Soft, that contains 2 different textures of granules - crunchy granules for healthy teeth and gum maintaining and several much soften ones, which offer extra nutrition to your cat to stay healthy and to be able to…


January - December 2013 | Loyalty Program Vichy 2013

The Loyalty Program Vichy 2013 was pending in 2 waves. Customer obtained a present in a form of 1 product for free in case of purchase of 3 products from the specific product ranges. The mechanics of the gifts were executed via the partner pharmacies. More than 10 thousand Czech and Slovak customers participated in this program during 2013. Feel…


December 2013 | Green Swan - Sales Teams

During whole December, visitors of 74 Kaufland and Ahold stores could spot the sales stands of Green Swan Pharmaceuticals corp. Our specially trained sellers communicated benefits of GS foof suplements and advised customers which product from the wide portofio of them would be suitable for their loved ones. The products were offered for…


December 2013 | GS - Christmas at Pharmacies

After a great success from last year, a massive campaign for Green Swan Pharmaceuticals corp. was repeated at more than 100 pharmacies throughout the Czech and Slovak Republic. Our promoters were offering a wide range of GS products. They introduced the revolutionary news in generation of joint preparations - GS Condro Diamant. Customers were…


December 2013 | Pro Plan promotion

Our pussy cats need the best care, thus students of veterinary medicine fit into the role of nutritional consultant and visited selected pet shops in the Czech Republic. They presented the super-premium food for sterilized cats Pro Plan. Consultants used modern tablets during the presentation and motivated customers by samples that contained…


October 2013 | Aquila tea tasting - new aseptic production

Improved quality and flavor of Aquila Tea.m was presented by our hostesses within October tasting. More attractive and visible package, fruit juice content, fresh and less sweet flavor. Customers could try and evaluate all these qualities with help of research agency. Aquila Tea is without preservatives and colourings and their production was…


July - August 2013 | L´Oréal Olia promotion

Garnier brings a new era in hair colouring as the first permanent hair colour without ammonia oil-based. This breakthrough technology communicated our hostess at Rossmann drugstores. They informed about new colours and benefits of the products. Promotion was supported by added value in the form of a gift for purchase.


September - October 2013 | Sněhulky - For Snowy breath

Sněhulky are unique delicate and refreshing candies with balanced taste of mint and fruit which melt tenderly in your mouth like snow. In hypermarkets Globus and Interspar you can taste not only traditional flavor of mint and peppermint but also strawberry, lime and orange flavor. The products are for discounted price and you will obtain a present…


September - October 2013 | Ego Cereal -

Cereal biscuits Ego became popular among those who care about their health and like eating sweets concurrently. You can taste them in selected hypermarkets Globus and Albert in September and October from hands of our hostesses. The products are for discounted price and you will obtain a present for your purchase. Come and see that health tastes…


September - November 2013 | VĚNEČKY and CLUB biscuits - Still delicious tradion

Traditional VĚNEČKY and CLUB biscuits from Sedita are well-known and popular. It is not necessary to introduce them. They are delicious with tea or coffee. The biscuits are offered by our hostesses to all sweet-lovers in Globus and Interspar chain as well as in independent markets from September to November.


2013 | Sales promotion Gabriella Salvete

Gabriella Salvete offers high quality decorative cosmetics for good price. Our specially trained hostesses in TETA drugstores help you to choose the right lipstick, mascara or powder and advise you how to rouge for every occasion. Every woman can be Gabriella Salvete. Charm the world by your inner beauty.


September 2013 | Friskies Crunchy&Soft sampling

Proper diet is essential for health of each cat. 100% balanced Friskies Crunchy&Soft food is not only healthy but also delicious and your cat really enjoys it. Our hostesses introduced the news Friskies Crunchy&Soft. Attractive presents were given to all customers who bought products of proven brand Friskies.


September 2013 | Foodparade - Food Festival with Mattoni

Foodparade, the festival of food and drinks, was held in Prague. Well known Prague restaurants were introduced, delicious specialties were served and people tasted exquisite wines, beers and exotic cocktails. Our team provided sale of beverages from portfolio of Carlsbad Mineral Waters Matonni. We hope that you enjoy the festival as well!


September 2013 | Compete with MAGGI and cook with us!

Buy 3 MAGGI products, send SMS and play for one of eight culinary courses or an Albert voucher in value of 500 CZK! Our promoters will introduce competition rules and provide you further information right in a store.


September 2013 | Compete with Král Sýrů for the best Czech wines

Pamper yourself with the harmonious flavors of cheese and wine. Buy in September or October any two products from Král Sýrů and join the competition for 1,000 CZK on the purchase of wines from the best Czech winemakers. Each competitor will also receive 10% discount on purchases in Český archív vín. For more information visit


August 2013 | Gala evening Vinař roku 2013

The awards ceremony of Vinař roku 2013 was held in Žofín Palace in Prague with the participation of the best winemakers from all over the Czech Republic. One of the main partners of the event was also Král Sýrů. Our experienced team prepared for our clients tailor-made program that attracted. Guests could enjoy the photo wall, cheese tasting and…


August 2013 | Seat Ibiza for purchase of two biscuits of Horalky

Customer´s competition by Sedita corp. for 21 cars Seat Ibiza, 21 Xbox with Kinect from Microsoft and 210 sweet packages was realized exclusively in Albert stores. Our hostesses were offering biscuits for tasting, explaining competition rules and were helpful to fill winning SMS. Congratulation to all winners!!


July 2013 | Romanca Premium Tasting

Romanca Premium is a premium set of traditional biscuits of Romanca made by Sedita. You could check yourself how delicious they are in tastings in hypermarkets Tesco, Albert and Globus as well as in independent stores in July.


July 2013 | New Maggi soups

In July was running successful tasting of new Maggi soups. Promotion attracted younger and older generation, who want to cook tasty and fast during the holiday season. Customers had the opportunity to taste two kinds of soups with liver dumplings. Our hostesses were helpful and provided information on improvements recipe to all customers.


July 2013 | Revolutionary Jar Platinum products are on the Czech market

P&G’s team of experts have developed new Jar Platinum dishwashing liquid and dishwasher liquid tabs that deliver Jar’s most powerful cleaning performance yet. And we're at it ... come and see how Jar works directly from our hostesses, now you can meet them in selected hypermarkets.


July 2013 | Merchandising Beiersdorf

On a long term basis, Advenio Ltd. provides merchandising services for Beiersdorf Corp. In July there were a new product introduced in the market - NIVEA Shower Milk. It is a revolutionary product produced in two variations - Hydrating for normal skin and Nutritive for dry skin. NIVEA Shower Milk contains more protective oils and is activated only…


May - June 2013 | Mixa promotion

Do you know the new brand from L´Oréal corp.? Mixa is a professional for sensitive skin. It was developed in French pharmacy in 1924. Product´s benefits were communicated by our hostesses in hypermarkets and drugstores where customers could try the products on their own skin. Come and try Mixa as well!! We are starting the new wave in the middle…


July 2013 | Brewer´s lemonade

Advenio company is providing merchandising services for Staropramen comp. In the beginning of this summer, the new Staropramen Brewer´s lemonade has been introduced to the market. It is non-alcoholic beverage, remote relative of beer. It should increase sales of Staropramen brewery in a similar way as fruit beer mixtures. It is determined to…


June 2013 | Mystery shopping freeSAT

In June 2013, our auditors visited all stores offering UPC DTH / freeSAT satellite services. Specially trained professionals evaluated level of provided services and monitored store potential. Stores were given up-to-date POSm and advertising banners.


June 2013 | New Ariel Power capsules are available in Czech republic

Revolution washing is here. Procter and Gamble introduced a new capsules Ariel Power on the Czech market. Our hostesses are in selected stores and present new and unique three-compartment capsule. At the same time when you purchase this new product you are able to turn with wheel of fortune and win practical gifts.


May 2013 | PURINA ONE - nutrition consulting

People in PURINA company know how important is your cat for you - they themselves belong to cat lovers. It was a great pleasure to promote this brand and repeat very successful campaign from the last year. Advisers were helpful to choose an appropriate feed for cats not only in selected markets but even within magnificent events in shopping malls.


May 2013 | New Ariel Power capsules are available in Czech republic

AmbiPur Freshelle gaining more and more customers thanks to its quality and design. Our hostesses are again in hypermarkets and test the main benefit of the product - does not cover odors, but eliminates. The new destination variants will impress you even by its design and scent. Come and see on your own.


May 2013 | Brands Sedlčanský and Král Sýrů on a culinary festival in Prague

Within exclusive gourmet festival in Prague, we also presenting brand Sedlčanský and Král Sýrů. Despite of bad weather came into our tents large number of visitors who appreciated the delicious taste of our Royal menu or unusual cheese ice cream. Talor-made tents have been designed and implemented for this campaign including all creative,…


May 2013 | Maggi Ideas…. Juicy steak

It is time for cooking revolution…. Maggi Ideas Juicy steak is an innovative solution how to prepare delicious and juicy steak, easily and without fat. The surface of unique baking paper Papyrus® is covered by original mixture of spice and herbs. Hypermarket visitors could try themselves representative taste mixture of fresh juicy chicken steak…


May 2013 | Hipp - the best for your baby

What nutrition is the best for baby? What skin care should I use? These and many others questions were put to our hostesses on the event of With baby pram across the Prague in Yelow spa. In spite of rainy weather, the action attracted many visitors and there was counted to be 870 baby prams. Apart from good advice, the mothers obtained milk…


May 2013 | Volkswagen Marathon weekend 2013

The Volkswagen Marathon weekend was held on 11th and 12th May in the Prague city centre. It started near Old Town Square and most of the route was situated at Vltava riverside. Our hostesses were serving flavored mineral waters Mattoni both for runners and visitors. Moreover, we introduced the Mattoni news - still flavored mineral water Black…


April 2013 | Caro Tour - tasting

Caro Active is a new member of Caro family. It contains only beneficial cereals as barley, rye, barley malt and still more and more favorite and sough-after wallflower that contains ample of soluble fibre. For our client, Nestlé Česko s.r.o., we realized tasting in hypermarkets. Visitors could also taste the other type of Caro - Original.


April 2013 | Rumfest 2013

The first RumFest in the Czech Republic was held on 26th of April in New Town Hall in Charles Square in Prague. It offered unique possibility to taste more than 130 high quality cane spirits from all over the world for very attractive prices in one place. We attended with our client Karlovarské Minerální Vody, a.s. and offered Pure Mattoni for…


March - April 2013 | Lina: a massive waffle for real men

Many were persuaded by a squirrel in TV spot that Lina is really completely different. A massive waffle, many, many … nuts and filling with rich topping. Anybody can create it but to produce it - it required courage, and many, many nuts. And how our hostesses discover within tasting - Lina is not only for men, Lina is liked by everyone.

Ladies Night_web.jpg

April 2013 | Ladies nights - Ego Cereal sampling

Many women grew fond of Ladies nights - special programmes for women and girls with a preview in Cinema City. It has already become a tradition that our hostesses present products made by I.D.C. holding, traditional producer of Horalky, Tatranky, Mila and many other products. On occasion of April preview of film I Give It a Year they distributed…


April 2013 | Idealia BB cream - Light shade!

If you visited some of the shopping centers in Prague, Ostrava or Pardubice you might have met our hostesses promoting Idealia BB cream - new BB cream generation for perfect skin quality and tinge. Visitors obtained cream sample and discount voucher to try the cream and buy in very attractive discount.


April 2013 | FOR PETS 2013

Our hostesses could be seen at the only professional trade fair focused on pet breeding FOR PETS 2013. They were presenting the brand GOURMET - fascinating world of gastronomic delicacies for adult cats. Offer for visitors: "Come to our stand and twist a lucky wheel to obtain a sample of Gourmet feed for free!"


April 2013 | Afternoon with Gabriella Salvete

Need a help with makeup? Nowadays you can meet our hostesses in selected drugstores across the Czech Republic. Let them advise you what makeup is the best for you what news Gabriella Salvete prepare for summer 2013 and other interesting information from the world of decorative cosmetics.


April 2013 | Staropramen Cool Lemon, Cool Grep, Cool Bitter Orange

Advenio Company has been providing merchandising services for Staropramen since 2005. Innovations Cool Lemon and Cool Grep were presented this summer. Cool Bitter Orange was introduced in January. Beer with refreshing fruit flavor and alcohol content less than 2%. Perfect for hot summer days as well as for drinking anytime after work, on sport or…


April 2013 | Hervis 1/2 Marathon Prague

Did you attend Prague Hervis 1/2 Marathon? Our hostess team was providing Mattoni beverages sale right in the center of the event. Both start and finish were right in the historic city center near Jewish district. Our hostesses were selling wide range of Mattoni water types: still water with various flavors and practical Mattoni Sport and Active.…


March 2013 | Tea that the Czechs love

Healthy refreshment for customers in form of ice tea Aquila Tea.m was offered by our hostesses in representative hypermarkets Globus. Ice tea Aquila Tea.m has many delicious flavours in Aquila spring water from virginal clear nature in Carlsbad surroundings. Hostesses also presented a novelty - green tea with strawberry flavour.


April 2013 | Strollering - a little different walk!

Tasting of cereal beverages Caro Active and Caro Original (Nestlé ČR) was realized within 2.year of strolling race with a pram. There were races at the distance of 100 meters in three main categories: for mothers, fathers and for whole families. Children were entertained in many accompanying programs. Our hostesses were offering 100% nature…


March 2013 | Ego Cereal for all your self

Come and taste cereal biscuits Ego Cereal to our promostand and feel the health and taste without compromise. Biscuits Ego Cereal help to have natural physical balance, balanced psyche and are also very delicious and tasty. Come to taste and satisfy all your self;-)


February 2013 | Jar Platinum Capsules - samples for free in you store

Since February distributed our hostesses samples of Jar Platinum Capsules in selected hypermarkets in Czech Republic. Totally was distributed nearly 40,000 samples to customers. Premium capsules from Procter and Gamble are great thanks to special technology that cleans the inside part of the dishwasher too.


2012 - 2013 | GOURMET… unique just like your cat!

Come to our promostad, turn the wheel of fortune and obtain sample of GOURMET from our hostesses for FREE. Everybody wins! GOURMET is a fascinating world of gourmet delicacies for adult cats. Offering wide variety of flavors and recipes, so there is something even for the most the sweetest tongue.


October 2012 | Wake up with new Nestlé Ricoré Caro!

Thanks to our in-store promotion customers could awake their senses with Nestlé Ricoré Caro at selected stores. The new recipecombines the best of coffee and carefully selected cereals in an irresistible combination. Our hostesses informed customers about the product of Nestlé Czech Republic, Inc. during the two-month campaign.


October 2012 | New Ariel Professional Whitener is on the market

Do you need help with stains and grayness of white clothes? Our hostess presented new Ariel Professional Whitener at selected Globus stores. Customers were excited by unusual demonstrations, professional hostesses behavior and discounted price. This combination supported sales in such a way that after a weekend remained empty shelves;-)



Record attendance at Mattoni Prague Grand Prix attracted media attention and delighted cheering crowds along the track.


June 2012 | Nutritional consulting for cats

What if you can make your cat´s life healthier? With nutritional consulting Purina ONE ® could cat owners get known with 100% complete granular food for cats which is perfect combination of great taste and brand new knowledge of nutritional science. Our professional veterinary consultat provided an expert advices to those who were interested in…


January 2012 | UPC DTH

Společnost UPC DTH bude se společností Advenio (původně PPD Services s.r.o.) spolupracovat na projektu umisťování POS materiálů.