Tailor made reports inform our clients in real time about their own product pricing in retail as well as pricing of the competition. We focus on price monitorin and long term price trends, which enables clients to make the correct price strategies. Simple user interface of our Sales Force Manager allows our clients to lood directly "into shelfs".


the Bratislava office moved to a new address: Banskobystrická 4, Bratislava.
  • Information from the field = successful negotiations. The most powerful argument tends to be supported by clear facts. Our measuring in various categories - shelf share, secondary placement share and others, bring real data from the retail, which serve to successfully build brands.

  • In cooperation with retail audit agencies we compare in regular reports the development of market share of the monitored brands with other parameters: share of monitored brands on the shelf, secondary placement share and media share in the market.

  • Team of trained auditors conduct in the point of sale face to face interviews (3 to 7 questions) in order to gain spontaneous reactions of the consumers to the given subject. Thanks to the methodology CustomProServices the client gains very important information and reactions from point of sale, always based on a large number of interviews (over 500).