We conduct merchandising in both the Czech and Slovak markets, covering the full retail universe.


the Bratislava office moved to a new address: Banskobystrická 4, Bratislava.
  • Our merchandising team, which consists of more than 1000 merchandisers, area managers and supervisors in the Czech Republic and close to 200 merchandisers, 4 area managers and 4 supervisors in the Slovak Republic is ready to service your products in the whole retail universe, including independent trade, pharmacies, fuel stations, post offices, drug and electro chains.

  • We have deep experience in the production, warehousing and distribution of POSM. All the POSM is organized under our POS Shop application with constant precise overview of its whereabouts.

  • We install POSM in all types of outlets and all types of walls, floors and various materials. All installation is photo documented for verification as well as future analysis.

  • Thanks to our unique IT system we are capable of conveying messages into the field at a very short notice and thus instantly deal with the issue at task. This can be the removal of faulty products, expired products or various secondary placement alterations.

  • Merchandisers with Supervisors organize the shelf rebuilding as well as shelf cleaning, mounting and dismounting of shelves, price tag placement, etc.

  • Placement of large window and floor stickers and other POSM, including the complete shop window cleaning.