the Bratislava office moved to a new address: Banskobystrická 4, Bratislava.


December 2013 | Green Swan - Sales Teams

During whole December, visitors of 74 Kaufland and Ahold stores could spot the sales stands of Green Swan Pharmaceuticals corp. Our specially trained sellers communicated benefits of GS foof suplements and advised customers which product from the wide portofio of them would be suitable for their loved ones. The products were offered for discounted price and the promotion was supported by Kaufland´s leaflet and radio. Customers obtained a gift - CD with songs of Waldemar Matuska, if they purchased 2 products. There were 262 sellers participating on this campaign, who worked 28 459 hours within 1 256 days. How we found out, ´giving health´ is the favourite choice of the majority of you. The claim ""Donate GS"" persuaded thousands of customers. Maybe even you.

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